Reveal POS is the most flexible & scalable Point of Sale system you can find.

Whether you are a large chain or new business owner we understand the importance of technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales. Reveal Point of Sale is leveling the playing field for the average entrepreneur, business owner and management team by making top shelf technology easy to use, implement and afford. With enhanced features, advance reporting and more, Reveal Point of Sale is “People Driven Technology.


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Downtime results in loss of revenue, poor customer satisfaction, a vulnerability to employee theft and more. Reveal POS goes beyond what a human being can do, by being there all the time, working 24 hours a day seven days a week, watching the business from all angles, counting sales, tracking inventory and monitoring employee behavior.

What We Do

Retail & Grocery

Restaurant & Food




Here Are Some Features

Inventory Managemnt

Manage your items with detail and precision

Credit Card Processing

Accept all types of secure payments and card types.

Employee Management

Manage your employees activities and help maintain time and payrol

Vendor Managemnt

Maintain and track the activity of vendors and their billing

Customer Loyalty

Reward your customers through your Point of Sale enviroment


Schedule your sales and specials throoughout the year

Reliable Hardware

Strong, durable  high powered hardware that’s waterproof, dustproof & greaseproof

Back Office Reporting

Manage your entire business with a comprehensive back office

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Built to last, durable, and reliable is what Reveal Point of Sale represents to a growing business.


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