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Retail & Grocery Features

Reveal POS is easy to use, setup and implement.


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Some Key Features

Pricebook Entering items into the Reveal POS is efficient and simple to use.

Easy to Use Touch Screen Buttons Minimal touches necessary to sell an item makes tending to customers quick and easy and training for cashiers minimal.

Quick Lookup Screens The Reveal POS software has 35 one touch button keys per screen, with the ability to look up a product alphabetically or via sub departments.

Create Multiple Pricing Structures Price groups can be done through same item/same price, split pricing, future pricing, mix & match or buy one, get one. There are up to 5 pricing levels per item.

Unparalleled Security Accept your patron’s credit cards and know that their personal information is fully secure and protected.

Powerful Discount and Sale Events The Reveal POS Back Office allows you to direct sale pricing to stop and start when you tell it to – and depend that it will happen whether you are in the store that day or not!

Inventory & Receiving Managing your inventory, seeing what’s selling and when, keeping your shelves moving, accurate reports: all made easy. Receiving your inventory through a wireless handheld gives you the control and the security of knowing that what you have on your shelf is what you ordered.

Built In Gift Cards The gift card and loyalty programs have been built into the Reveal POS Software package. No processing fees have to be paid to your credit card company. Gift Cards can be issued, reloaded and tendered right through the Reveal POS Gift Card Module.

Customer Database & House Charge Accounts Issue your loyal customer’s house accounts and be able to easily and accurately manage those accounts

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